DMR and FM Repeaters

PAARA operates two DMR repeaters that are connected to the BrandMeister network.
Both repeaters are located in Alum Rock Park at 750ft. ASL, and both are open to all licensed amateur radio DMR users.

PAARA W6OTX Repeaters
Located near Alum Rock Park, San Jose  

144.9625 MHz +2.5 MHz CC3  
Slot 1: Dynamic
Slot 2: NorCal BM (31068)

444.475 MHz +5 MHz CC1
Slot 1: Dynamic
Slot 2: NorCal BM (31068)

33cm (902 MHz) FM  
927.225 MHz -25 MHz PL 100 Hz

Notes about using Dynamic Talkgroups on W6OTX

  • Please use Dynamic TGs only on TS1.
  • Dynamic TGs are automatically disconnected after 15min of no uplink activity.
  • BrandMeister USA doesn’t anymore support use of Reflectors, but feel free to use Dynamic TG’s on the TS 1. All you need to do is key-up on the BrandMeister TG you want to connect to, and it gets connected to the repeater until the time-out.

Few useful links for much more information about DMR, BrandMeister and other active DMR repeater groups around our area:

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