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Membership History
PAARA membership has fluctuated over the years, but might be larger now than it ever has been. According to the January 1, 1973 membership roster for the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (W6OTX) and Menlo Park Civil Defense Radio Club (K6YQT), which integrated themselves many years ago, the club had 70 members, including some who are still (or again) members: Dean Babcock, W6OEB; Andy Korsak, VE3FZK/W6; and John A. Cameron III (no callsign).

Today, the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association consists of nearly 200 members, and is one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in California.

Special Life Memberships
Steve Stuntz, K6FS: Silent Key; Awarded 2007
Ron Panton, W6VG: Silent Key; Awarded 2003-07
Leslie Vickery, W6AKR: Silent Key
Joe Gomes, KB6HDC: Silent Key; Awarded 2004-05

Gerry Tucker, N6NV (pdf): Awarded September 2019
Vic Black, AB6SO (pdf): Awarded December 2021
Jim Rice, K6AK (pdf), Awarded 2022

Membership And Badges

Membership is available to all persons licensed or not who are interested in Amateur radio. There is no screening process or sponsorship required to become a member.

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