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2009 - USS Hornet CV-12

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USS Hornet CV-12
Saturday, July 18th, 2009 Alamenda, CA.

We have picked a very special event for PAARA as we get to see the USS Hornet aircraft carrier in action! We will be witness to simulated flight operations as aircraft are lifted to the flight deck and placed into launch position; participate in mission briefings; meet former crew; sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet, and much more!

Our group will meet on the pier at 9:30 a.m. Car pool if you can but there is plenty of parking on the pier. Ticket price includes the admission price, a hot meal lunch and enough docents for us to split into small groups so we can see most if not all of the ship in one day. The ship officially opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. From Menlo Park, the drive time takes about 30 minutes to get there so plan on leaving before most locations on the peninsula and their web site has the driving directions.

CLOTHING - No uniforms required but the lower engineering spaces will require some rugged shoes (no open toe sandals) and jeans. The weather should allow T-Shirts but the flight deck may have a pretty good breeze across it so a light wind breaker or a sweater along with a hat is advised. Bags are restricted to one carry one for ladies or cameras, otherwise, leave the luggage at home.

PRICES - Adult - $30, Senior - $25, Kids under 16 - $20. Make your chaeck payable to PAARA and bring it to the meeting Friday.

ACCESS - There is handicap access to the hangar and main flight decks. Kids under 6yrs and people with walking canes might be a little challenged getting up and over or through some of the hatches in the super structure and down in engineering.

LUNCH - Will be served on board from 11:30 to 12:30 and includes your choice of hot entre of Beff Ribs or Lasagna, comes with a fruit, a vegetable and a dinner rool and several selctions for beverages from soda to coffee. There will be a salad option as well.

RADIO Operations - To operate the ham radio station on board, please bring a copy of your license, otherwise, any other part of the ship where you feel inclined to operate your portable is acceptable just don’t expect any radio or cell phone service down into the lower decks.

MORE Information - Theier web site has a ton of details and information

PAYMEMNT - Please make your check out to PAARA and bring it with you to the meeting this Friday or send it to the address below. Your payment MUST be received no later than Monday July 13th to guarantee a hot lunch. Any late payments can still participate in the tour but the meal price is NOT refundable if you signed up for the whole tour and you will NOT be guaranteed a meal ticket. We are free to come and go anytime so if you come late and bought a meal ticket, we’ll reserve your seat untill noon.

OPTIONS - If you decide to join us but didn’t sign up prior to July 10th, we can take a small number of individuals at the door for a $20 flat rate up until 10am when the doors open (the price covers the admission and docent fees). If you paid and decide to come later, we’ll leave the sign in sheet at the main entrance, but our group leaders will hold all the meal tickets. If you come late and don’t hook up with us, your meal ticket may be offered to late check-ins (see above). Late check-ins wishing to join us for hot lunch are subject to very limited availablity (I wouldn’t bet on one). We are ordering a fixed number of lunches as the food is prepared in advance. They do have a cafeteria service open to the public as a backup option. If you need to leave before kunch and or you cancel out and can’t make it, we can refund your ticket up to a $10 dollar non refundable fee.


701 Menlo Oaks Drive

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