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Friday May 6, 2011

"RF Interference And Ham Radio"

Jim Brown, K9YC

RFI happens because the wires inside equipment, and the cables that we use to connect our equipment together, can function as antennas to either radiate or receive RF trash if they carry RF current. All wires and cables function as antennas when they carry RF current, and several common equipment design errors cause this to happen.

These unintentional antennas radiate RF trash from computers, power supplies, and noisy motors, which is then picked up by our receive antennas, and we receive the RF from our ham stations. These same unintentional antennas receive the signal from our ham station and couple it into consumer equipment. We can eliminate most RFI by either eliminating that un-intentional RF current, or by causing it to flow in current loops too small to radiate efficiently.

Date: May 6, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Menlo Park Rec Center
700 Alma Street
Menlo Park, CA

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The Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association meets on the 1st Friday of the month at 7:00 pm (19:00 J) (except when the first Friday lands on a holiday and typically moved to the 2nd Friday of the month).

Location: Menlo Park Recreation Center, 700 Alma Street (in Burgess Park)

There is a pre-meeting dinner at the Su Hong Chinese resturaunt on El Camino Real, held to treat the guest speaker. Su Hong is within walking distance of the meeting location, and dinner starts promptly at 5:30 pm (17:30 J).
Location: 1039 El Camino Real Menlo Park, CA 94025

After the meeting, many members gather for beer, pizza, and eyeball QSOs at Round Table Pizza, located on El Camino Real, just a few blocks north of Su Hong.
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The PAARA Board meets at 7:00 pm (19:00 J) at the Palo Alto Red Cross building, 400 Mitchell Lane, usually on the third Wednesday of the month.  We conduct most of our club business here in order to allow more time for guest speakers and socializing at club meetings.  Any PAARA member is welcome to attend.

A few meetings throughout the year have pre-defined agenda items. These include:

September Board Meeting
The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President to decide on a slate of candidates to be recommended to the membership.

October General Meeting
The Nominating Committee presents its nominations to the membership at the regular club meeting.  Nominations from club members opens at the beginning of the meeting, and closes at the end of the meeting.

December General Meeting
Elections are held at the December annual meeting.

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