PAARA Bylaws
As Amended January 8, 1999.

Original Bylaws Can Be Found Here

By-Laws for the regulation, except as otherwise provided by statute or its articles of incorporation of Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

Article I: Members
  1. The members of this corporation shall be divided into two classifications, namely active members and associate members. An active member shall be any person holding a valid amateur radio operator’s license. All other members shall be associate members. All members shall have full voting privileges, but only active members may hold office.
  2. Any prospective member may apply for membership at his/her first attended meeting. Applications for membership may be voted upon at their second attended meeting. A three fourth’s majority of the members present shall be required to elect an applicant to membership.
  3. Upon being elected to membership, the applicant shall pay dues at a rate set by the Board of Directors.
  4. Upon election and payment of dues, the applicants name shall be inscribed in the membership book. All dues shall become payable on January 1 for the ensuing year, and members elected to membership during the course of a year shall make a pro rata payment for the balance of the year.
  5. Any member who fails to pay dues for a period of three months shall, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be dropped from the membership book of the corporation.
Article II: Corporate Powers

The corporate powers of this corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors, all of whom shall be members of this corporation in good standing. Five members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article III: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers, four directors and the immediate past president.

Article IV: Powers of Directors

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at the call of the President or, in his/her absence, the Vice-President, on such notice as is determined by the Board of Directors. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or Vice-President on twenty-four hours’ notice to each director, either personally, by mail or by telephone. The Directors shall have the power:

  1. to set the dues rate;
  2. the Directors shall consider and report at each meeting all proposals for the benefit of the individual members or the general welfare of the corporation;
  3. the Board of Directors shall adopt ways and means for the advancement of the corporation, designate work to be done between meetings of the corporation, audit all accounts for expenses, and direct the expenditure of funds of the corporation but not in excess of the amount held by the Treasurer.
  4. to have general charge of all interests of the organization.

Article V: Duties of the Directors

It shall be the duty of the Directors to keep complete records of all their meetings and acts, and make reports to the general membership.

Article VI: Duties of the President

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the corporation and to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. The President shall prepare a budget at the beginning of his/her term and a financial report at the end of the term.

The President shall request, on a regular basis, from the Treasurer, a list of income and expenses. It shall be the further duty of the President to appoint replacements of officers and directors not able to serve their term. Appointees shall serve until the next regularly scheduled election. Make all committee appointments.

Article VI: Duties of the Vice-President

It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to assist the President and to perform all the duties of the President during his/her absence.

Article VIII: Duties of Secretary

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to receive all communications that may be addressed to the club or that may be submitted by the other officers of the club and to keep a full report of the proceedings of each meeting. The Secretary shall read all communications upon request of the President.

The Secretary shall maintain a book listing all members of the organization and shall perform such other duties as may be required by the club.

The Secretary shall also promptly deliver up all books, paper, or other property of the corporation to his/her successor in office, or whomsoever the club may appoint.

Article IX: Duties of Treasurer

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all dues and moneys belonging to the club and pay all orders drawn by the Board of Directors and approved by the President.

Article X: Election of Officers and Term of Office

The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a period of one year and two directors shall be elected for a period of two years at the annual meeting in November and to serve the next calendar year.

In September of each year the president shall appoint three persons to serve as a nominating committee. The committee will select and interview a slate of nominees for officers and directors seats.

The slate of nominees will be introduced at the October general meeting. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at this time, after which nominations will be closed. No person may be nominated without the nominees willing acceptance. The election will be held at the December regular meeting. The Secretary will report the election results as the last order of business. The nominating committee is disbanded at this time.

Article XI: Official Station Trustee

The Trustee of the club station license, call sign W6OTX, shall be a member in good standing. The Trustee shall be selected by the Board of Directors and serve an indefinite term. The Trustee shall have a valid operators license either Extra or Advanced Class and be responsible for the timely renewal and maintenance of the station license.

Article XII: Bylaw Amendment

The Bylaws of the corporation may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the membership in attendance after due notice as provided herein. Proposals for amendment shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting of the corporation. Motion to amend the Bylaws of the corporation made at any regular meeting shall be mailed to each member at least fifteen days prior to the next regular meeting, at which time a vote will be taken. Votes of absentee members may be exercised by written proxy.

Article XIII: Order

In any question coming before a meeting for which no provision has been made in the articles of incorporation and by-laws, the officer presiding over the meeting shall be governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

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