Original PAARA Bylaws

Adopted Nivember 17, 1947 at Palo Alto and Amended May 2, 1952 at Palo Alto.

Amended Again January 8, 1999

Article I
Section NR. 1.
Initiation fee shall be $ 1.00. Dues shall be $ 1.00 per quarter to be paid in advance at the beginning of each quarter, i.e. January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st.
Section NR. 2.
A member who fails to pay his dues for a period of three months shall, at the discretion of the Executive Committee be dropped from the rolls of the club.
Article Ⅱ
Section NR. 1.
In any question coming before the meeting for which no provision has been made in the constitution and by-laws, the officer presiding over the meeting shall be governed by “Roberts Rules of Order.”
Article Ⅲ
Section NR. 1.
It shall be one of the major objectives of this organization to establish and maintain an emergency net on 144 to 148 MC. A committee shall be appointed and the Chairman of said committee shall be the N.C.S.
Section NR. 2.
It shall be one of the objectives of this orginization to establish an Interference Committee to assist any member in case of interference problems, and work in close cooperation with the F.C.C.

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