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"Design and Construction a Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA) for 3.5 to 24 MHz"
by Vitaly Dubilet, AB6VD

Vitaly has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked R&D in semiconductor equipment manufacturing. His hobby is radio and enjoys working with portable antennas.  He has been a HAM since 1970 and joined PAARA in 2014. A few years ago, Vitaly design and built a magnetic loop antenna for portable operation.  His talk will cover the design and construction of this antenna.

The four main components are, five foot long central pole with motor driven vacuum capacitor on one side and matching unit on another.  Loop made from two 7/8-inch copper tubes with soldered ring terminals on each end.  Central pole made from hollowed fiber glass with 1 x 1-inch cross section.  RF cable RG-8U and tripod.
Frequency of operation: 3.5 to 24 MHz
Maximum power: 100 Watts
Height: 5 feet
Loop diameter: 4 feet
Band switch located on the matching unit box.
Better orientation of antenna will be in reverse order (matching unit should be at the bottom of antenna and tuning capacitor on top).

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