7 June 2024
Club Meeting:

What's so fantastic about Meshtastic
Benjamin Faershtein, KO6CNT


Flea Market

PAARA is sponsoring the next Electronic Flea Market on Sunday, May 19.   Thank you to all those that have signed up to help out but I'm sure Jim could use a few more volunteers.   Contact Jim at if you would like to help.   This event is a big fundraiser for us.  This helps us give back to the club during events like PAARA-In-The-Park and Field Day.   PAARA will also be selling a truck and trailer full of recently donated items so don't miss out!  

Field Day
T-Shirt deadline 15 May

Field Day is approaching (June 22, 23) and you know you   ll want to represent by wearing your cool PAARA Field Day t-shirt.   This year's t-shirt will be the same design as last year with an updated date of 2024.
You will also have the option to pay extra for your name and call sign.   This year's ARRL Field Day t-shirt is green so we thought we'd stay with the same theme as well.
Here is the price break down without your name/call sign:  

  • Small to XL- $25  
  • 2XL-$27  
  • 3XL-$28.50  
  • 4XL-$31  

The cost for your first name and call sign is an additional $10.
Time is of great importance!   Even though Field Day is over a month away the vendor has informed me that they have a lot of orders ahead of us so to get the t-shirts done in time I need your order by this Wednesday the 15th.
If you want a t-shirt then email me at   When you place your order indicate the size, name and call sign if choosing that option, and quantity.   If you are ordering for another person then indicate the other person's information on a separate line so I dont get them mixed up.   Please double check your name and callsign to make sure that it is correctly spelled.   I am not responsible for any misspelling.   And just to make sure, if you don't want your name or call sign then state    No name or Call Sign in your order so I know you didn't forget to indicate  that.
You can pay by cash in person at the next PAARA meeting, write a check to PAARA and mail it to me at 602 Scott Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063, or pay up on Field Day.   If the shirts are miraculously done by the next meeting, I'll bring them, otherwise we can make arrangements for pickups/deliveries or receive them on Field Day.
Remember, place your order NOW!  

Trailer full of  gear.

Truck & Trailer full of all kinds of electronic/ham gear.   Unless specifically priced, grab what you need and donate $5 per handful to the PAARA. What a deal. Get it now because a lot will be heading off to E-waste  soon

Meeting Info

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I personally welcome you to “the friendliest club around” and thanks for checking us out. The Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (PAARA) is a premier general interest club located in the San Francisco Bay Area dating back to 1937. Whether you’re interested in DX, Contesting, EME, ARES, MARS, Microwave or any other facet of amateur radio, you’ll find one or more members who have similar interests.

I encourage you to get a “feel” of the club by browsing the pages of our web site. Of note are the back issues of our newsletter, PAARAgraphs, which date back to 1971. Whether a new ham, old-timer, or visiting from out of the area, I invite you to join us at a monthly meeting to connect with other passionate hams.

We hope to see you soon!

Jim Thielemann, K6SV

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