Repeater & Frequency Listings
VHF/UHF frequencies used in the Bay Area.
A complete listing of the simplex frequencies for all bands is also available, as is a complete list of repeaters.

Simplex Voice

The controlling authorities are ARRL (National) and NARCC (Northern California).
SF Bay Area 2m Simplex Frequencies
List of the 24 SF Bay Area 2M simplex frequencies and their uses.
PAARA Simplex
147.450/100Hz CTCSS
National Calling Frequencies
146.520, 223.500, 446.000
National Railfan Calling frequencies
146.490 (146.565 alt.), 223.620, 446.050, 1294.425 (100 Hz squelch/152 DCS)
National T-Hunt
RACES: Statewide National Emergency ONLY
COMM-1: 144.120 COMM-2: 144.140 COMM-3: 144.160 COMM-4: 144.180
Coordinating Frequencies
Stanford paper on Frequency Coordination
Simplex Digital
The controlling authorities are ARRL for the national band plan, NARCC (which allocates the ranges for digital modes in Northern California, in conjunction with NCPA), NCPA (the Northern California Packet Association, which assigns most discrete frequencies within the digital ranges), PSNC (Packet Sysops of Northern California, which coordinates BBS stations in Northern California), DXPSN (the DX Packet Spotting Network, which coordinates DX Spotting, a.k.a. DX Packet Cluster), and WSWSS (the Western States Weak Signal Society).
Northern California Packet Association
The coordinating body for the digital frequencies in Norther California.
DX Spotting
144.950, 145.670, 145.770, 146.580
Keyboard to keyboard
144.350, 145.03, 145.05
Keyboard to Keyboard (and EOC)
TCP/IP (duplex OK)
Emergency/Government Frequencies
California Emergency Frequencies
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) list of discreet frequencies and radio networks.

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